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On Sunday, June 16th, Father’s Day 2024, the city of Compton will be treated to an all-day Juneteenth celebration at Sr. Cliffs Texas Style Burritos Restaurant. Restaurant owner Cliff Williams sponsors the event, which will include talented artists performing R&B, jazz, spoken word, and spiritual music. The celebration is expected to bring complete peace and unity and inspire hope to all attending.

Cliff Williams expressed his excitement while preparing for the event and stated that this would be the best Juneteenth celebration yet. The celebration will attract many talented stars, including Phazze One, who will headline it. Don Bell of Brass Bell Productions is producing and organizing the event. 

Other performers include Zeia Wilson, Andre Ray, Damon Dae, and Host DJ Super Dude. Zeia Wilson, an incredible vocalist, will perform a tribute to Mary J. Blige. Comedian Jay Lamont, known for his fantastic stand-up acts and ability to mimic the voices of famous singers and musicians, will also be performing.

Sr. Cliffs Texas Style Burritos Restaurant has been operating in Compton since 1992 and has been a favorite spot for many residents and visitors. Mr. Williams and his family have always been committed to serving the community and participating in neighborhood events. Cliff Williams is a businessman and a community leader who takes great pride in his accomplishments. He is exceptional in the hearts of those who know him and a model business owner.

Overall, this Juneteenth celebration promises to be an excellent day for the Compton community, filled with fantastic entertainment and a celebration of unity, peace, and prosperity.