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 City Pride Magazine has been covering the Southern California cities since 2006. No other newspaper, magazine, radio station, TV station or online media has done more coverage of these inner city communities  or done more work  in communicating the activities of these cities. City Pride Magazine  has been embraced by the people because of the focus on positive and inspiring stories of what is really happening in our neighborhoods.  

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 City Pride Magazine is a qualified print and online media organization with confirmed experienced in municipal, public, and business communications,  along with brand management and strategic community partnerships. City Pride Magazine specializes  in print and online community news and provides media consulting services to the communities.

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City Pride Magazine is a grassroots media organization that finds the inspiring stories that bring hope and inspiration to a community that is sometimes depressed and hopeless.

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City Pride Magazine focuses on bringing vital information that will help improve our communities. We focus on education, jobs, businesses, spiritual and health concerns in our communities along with keeping our communities abreast of national issues and world affairs. We are the "Voice of the People" that always brings good news.

Community Communication Tool


City Pride Magazine is the communication tool for businesses, schools, churches, community service organizations, civic leaders and individuals that need to reach out to their neighborhoods. We are a community publication that serves the neighborhood consumers that are looking for products and services they can trust and that are there helping to build their communities. Businesses that use City Pride Magazine are trusted because they reflect their concern for the community they serve.

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We  believe that a business with a great public relations team can make a great impact on  the world. Take the first step: contact us, and together, we will help  you get your message to the world.

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