Interscope A&R Reps Talk Music Biz with Compton HS Scholars

Two Interscope A&R reps surprised 70 scholars at Compton High School scholars who were taking an Audio Production Class. Students were able to ask questions and to talk about working in the business, pathways to music careers, and much more. The group of students were also joined by CUSD Board of Trustees President Denzell Perry.

During the intriguing discussion, the musical professionals started FaceTiming artists such as rapper and singer Kalan.FrFr, rapper Skilla Baby, and rapper Westside Boogie to answer the students’ questions.

The reps, Monique Teclemariam and Marlon Dobbins (a Dominguez grad), spent nearly two hours with the students. “It was an amazing experience,” said Mr. Jones. “The kids didn’t want it to end.”