WKOOL RADIO was created by owners National Concert Promoter & Artist Manager Tyrone Williamson and Publicity Specialist & Media Content Producer Adrienne Lillette Harris. Combined together they have over seven decades in the Entertainment industry. A conversation between the two of them about starting a one-hour radio show turned into the WKOOL radio station venture. 

Since that time national legendary Mix DJs have joined The WKOOL RADIO family, such as the West Coast Hottest #1 female DJ JiJi Sweet, whose mixes are featured on stations around the globe. WKOOL RADIO also features the phenomenal West Coast DJ Legendary DJ XX7 and the funkmaster Dr. Funkenstein, they’re all in the weekly Saturday lineup. Tyrone’s Lovers Lane Show and Adrienne’s Let’s Talk Music & More with co-host Nicshelle (GoDaWork) Farrow rounds out the Saturday night lineup. (Check showtimes at wkoolradio.com)

On Sundays, people are raving about Spiritual Sundays’ the WKOOL four-hour Gospel program, and the legendary Sunday Spotlight featuring the best in R&B, Funk, Soul, and Pop music. The Jazz Lounge ends special Sunday programming before the regular WKOOL hot 24/7 playlists kick in. (Check showtimes at wkoolradio.com

 LA’s DJ Legend… DJ XX7 of Techni-Force is part of the WKOOL RADIO Production team. Experience the ultimate musical journey with DJ XX7… a certified elite spin master with over 30+ years of experience transforming events and the airways into exciting cherished memorable moments. Over the years XX7’s party mixes have been featured on a number of Radio & Internet Radio Stations

WKOOL RADIO officially launched on Live 365 and Central City Radio in Phoenix Arizona May 2020 on Mother’s Day. Our second year is bringing lots of musical surprises and new shows. Our Dream Team owners Tyrone & Adrienne will also be hosting a Legends Who Rock Morning Show in the future. WKOOL weekly programming is also now featuring the music of Motown and the all-new “Kool Comedy Moments” that will have you laughing every hour.

Keep up with our weekly show calendar, song playlist, special events, and social media tags for more updates. Thank you for visiting citypridemag.com and wkoolradio.com and please continue to come back!

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