UniverSoul Circus Brings Their Spectacular Act to Compton

The UniverSoul Circus, known as the coolest show on earth, has come to the coolest place on earth, Compton, CA. For, the very first time the UniverSoul Circus has brought its astounding combination of circus arts, theater, and music, Straight into Compton.  People from all over Southern California have come to Compton’s Crystal Casino to view this uniquely spectacular event.

UniverSoul Circus comes to Compton with a fresh, bold, fun, and exciting combination of interactive circus arts, theater, and music. UniverSoul Circus challenges the imagination while embracing and celebrating the unique aspects of global urban pop-culture.

 UniverSoul Circus brings to the center stage a cast of international performers reflecting the cultural diversity of the world. Compton and the surrounding communities get an opportunity to tune out of the harsh world of street reality and tune into the world of fun, magic, music, dance, tricks, and spectacular feats of the UniverSoul Circus