By Cynthia Macon

Dear Compton Supporters:

There are two options on Measure ED facing the voters of the City of Compton on the November 2022 ballot. Vote “yes” or vote “no.”

Both options will result in Compton changing from odd year elections to even year elections in the year 2024 to align with statewide elections to lower election costs and increase voter participation.

There are, however, major differences in the timing of the two options and their implications which will determine the composition of city leadership for the next few years while the city faces and responds to a disastrous and condemning state audit threatens a state-takeover.


The first option involves voting “yes” and passing Measure ED now in November 2022 to accomplish alignment with statewide elections in 2024. This option will effectively cancel the upcoming April 2023 election, keep three appointed persons includes two council persons and the City Attorney in office, keep the appointed City Attorney Eric Perrodin in place for a total of five years until 2026 without ever being elected and, most importantly, give Mayor Emma Shariff and all remaining officials on the dais an additional year in office. 

This option will move the election for the appointees in Districts #1 (Deidre Duhart) and District #4 (Lillie Darden) to 2024 causing the Mayor and the rest of the administration to move from 2025 to 2026, thus resulting in an extra year in office for everyone. 


The second option was actually the original option not even revealed to voters by a deceitful administration. The April 2023 option calls for voters to “vote no” now in November 2022 on Measure ED so the measure can be offered instead in April 2023. This option will still permit the city to align to even year elections on the same schedule in 2024. The option will also require the April 2023 election to take place per the un-changed city charter causing all three appointed seats to be placed up for election as early as possible per Section 505 of the city charter. It will force the avoiding City Attorney to face election to legitimize his presence as the highest legal authority in the city. Finally, the April 2023 option will shorten by one year the time in office for Mayor Sharif and all remaining officials on the dais.

The April 2023 option to confirm or replace all three appointees will then mean the Mayor and the rest of the administration will have to move forward from 2025 to 2024 to align with statewide elections, thus resulting for all remaining officials in the loss of a year in office. 

See the difference. This is why the November 2022 election which was not even on the books was created. It is a special or extra or unscheduled election costing you money just to rob you of your own given right to elected representation. The November 2022 measure is totally self-serving and was created by politicians for politicians, calculating to avoid running next spring in the upcoming election. Your administration and council is neither ethical nor transparent and definitely not to be trusted. 

Below please find a simple table spells out the difference between the timing of passing Measure ED this November 2022 versus waiting instead until April 2023 to pass the measure.  The  consequences are dire so vote “no” now and tell a friend.

“Because it’s not what they tell you, it’s what they don’t tell you.”

Wake up, Compton and….VOTE NO ON MEASURE ED!