The Compton Baseball Lab: A Book by Dayle Campbell

By Charles Jackson Jr.

Dayle Carlo Campbell is a product of Compton and he tells of his life, and the lives of so many men like him, that grew up in the city of Compton and got the best the city had to offer at the time. 

Campbell succeeded in a career in baseball while also succeeding as a young man in Compton, an educator, a community servant, a coach, a mentor, and a great friend. 

The Compton Baseball Lab follows Campbell along his journey to becoming a professional baseball player  from Compton, California. A funny, and insightful piece, the book takes readers through historical moments and provides a different angle on racial injustice, education, and determination.  

Everybody in Compton liked sports and everybody in Compton came to Cressey Park (now Gonzales Park). If not for the baseball in the stadium or basketball in the gym, then for the Hunter Handcock Record Hops on Saturday Night. Compton was a great place to grow up in the ’60s. Dayle tells of his experience through those rich times of unity and propriety. 

Cressy Park was the place where every kid had an opportunity to play Little League, and if baseball was a game you were good at, you would spend a lot of time at the park. It was the Baseball Lab. There were so many good players and exciting games and families would spend hours together watching their boys.  

Campbell tells these stories in his book and does so in an exciting and interesting way. He doesn’t just tell of his experience, but the experiences of so many young people that grew up with him. This is a book for everyone. It’s humorous, serious, educational, and spiritual, and a must-read for anyone that loves sports or those interested in making baseball a career.  

Pick up one for yourself and pick up one for a friend, it is a fantastic book with some incredible stories. Enjoy!