Rev.Reginal Young, a Community Leader in the I.E.

Rev Reginal Young is a man of many hats and for over three decades he has developed and led several community organizations and businesses in the Inland Empire.

Rev. Reginal D Young is the Senior Pastor of Treasurers of the Heart & Out of the Pulpit Ministries since 1994. He uses this platform to go into churches and work with Pastors, church leadership, offering church compliance, church growth, and leadership development. Rev. Young works close with ministries to help develop their outreach programs; going into the streets to witness, pray, and offer friendship evangelism. He works preparing financial statements and tax returns for over 300 churches in the Inland Empire.

Rev. Reginal D Young is the co-founder of MDISNET (Micro-Data Information Systems) founded in 1986 an accounting firm that serves San Bernardino California and the Inland Empire areas.  He is the senior corporate tax accountant. He works with approximately 510 personal tax clients, and over 600 corporate and business clients year-round. Last year he successfully filed tax returns grossing over 25 million dollars.   

He serves as the CEO and Crisis Chair for San Bernardino Pastors United- SBPU coordinating community block parties, and civic engagement activities, and oversees the crisis response team since December 2016. The SBPU’s mission is to bring together pastors and people to combat, crime, and poverty, through healing change, and progress. On April 2018, SBPU was awarded with Community Champion Award by Mayor Carey Davis. On July 2019 established a working relationship with Chief McBride, SB PD Chaplain Program. This platform is used to assist officers through grief counseling, ride along, with establishing community programs preventing and reducing crime. Rev. Young graduated from the US Department of Justice, FBI Citizens Academy Program on November 13, 2019, and has become an alumni of the agency to strengthen relationships and improve understanding between the FBI and the community it serves.

He is the Treasurer for the Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches *IECAAC. He oversees the finances of the organization and implements program budgets. He continues to work to ensure racial equity and social justice for people who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. He works with church leaders implementing Covid 19 testing, and the distribution of vaccines to help stop the spread of the Covid 19 virus within our community.

Rev. Young is the President and CEO for People Ordained With Economic Readiness -POWER, where he works creating economic programs that empower disadvantaged persons who are poor, homeless, and hopeless within the Inland Empire areas. He believes that apart from a person becoming aware of their spirituality, a person’s economic success is extremely critical to their sustaining life.

Currently he works at Loveland Church as Executive Pastor to Dr. Chuck Singleton. He assists in ministry support, coordinating engagements, and assisting with church growth. Dr. Singleton founded Cascade Sonrise Development Corporation. Rev Reginal Young the treasurer of the organization. Through Cascade Sonrise successfully located funding for the renovating Sonrise Senior Citizen Villa in Fontana, California. Currently planning the redevelopment of lands to build affordable housing projects, and senior complexes, and a life center for residents in Fontana & Rialto, and the surrounding communities.

Rev. Young sits on the board of directors of the PAL Charter Academy since 2018. He has assisted in the development of the charter school expansion to the San Bernardino county area, assisting with budgeting and financial planning, offering advice, and reviewing compliance issues.  

 Rev. Young sits on the board of directors of Mission Africa, Inc. since 1989 an international philanthropic organization that builds the gap between Africans and African Americans. He helps organizes relief efforts in villages in Ghana West Africa, and provides training for Pastors in the diaspora with Dr. Kodjoe Sumney, the Founder.  They have successfully sent over 300 pastors to Africa to spread the Gospel of Jesus.