Nu Soul R&B Jazz Sensation Releases New EP Album

In 1980 Diana Ross performed the song ” I’m Coming Out”. Today in 2022. Aydiee Vaughn is living those words. Aydiee Vaughn is coming out with her new album, a new performance, a new style of music and a new world for herself as a NuSoul R&B Jazz artist. It has been a long road for this dynamic artist now she is coming out.

Born in Los Angeles and growing up in San Diego,  Aydiee Vaughn’s time has come. Throughout her life she was groomed for this time, attending  a Performing Art Academy from the  age of ten, she  has been training and working in the theater arts all her life. 

She learned singing, acting, dancing, tap dancing, writing, directing and all the behind the scene skills. One of her first auditions was for the hit musical film “Fame” where she competed with Janet Jackson for a role in the series.

Aydiee Vaughn had many opportunities to work on stage and TV playing character roles in several TV series such as “A Different World, The Shield, Boston Legal, Charmed , Half and Half, The Game, Everybody Hates Chris” and many more.

Over the years Ms. Vaughn has had her ups and downs in a very tough and competitive industry. She had to put her career on hold when she suffered an accident while dancing and had to recover from a crippling injury that changed her life.

After 10 years her dreams are coming true through her love for music and her beautiful voice. Aydiee Vaughn has an exceptional voice with a wide range that is pleasing to the ear and soothing to the soul. Her coming out performance at the Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center was outstanding. She had an incredible show that displayed her vocal range and her talent at capturing and pleasing an audience. It was a great performance and a credit to live music, which brought back memories of the days in LA when every night club had live music. 

Aydiee Vaughn takes you there with her smooth melodic blend of R&B , Neo Soul, Jazz and Gospel. She also added a taste of Hip-Hop to her performance that provides that contemporary flavor and adds that youthful bounce. 

Aydiee Vaughn now bring us her Black Lucy Experience EP, with all new songs that feature Hip-Hop artist Alexander Lindsey on “The One and Set the Bar”. This project is produced by legendary keyboardist from Death Row Records, Sean Thomas aka Barney Rubble.

The beauty and grace of Aydiee Vaughn comes to life in her music. She is a humble soul but her music transforms her to the level of excellence that not many of today’s artist can naturally achieve. She is a “Natural Woman” that God has blessed with good looks and talent, while her music delivers that high-class love-passion flavor.

Just like Diana Ross, Aydiee Vaughn is “Coming Out” and her debut album was released on February 27, 2022. Her release party in Santa Monica brought out her family and friends along with all those who have supported her through the years to experience this once in a lifetime event. It was a quaint and loving atmosphere and in her usual spirit of giving, Aydiee Vaughn handed out gifts and plaques to just about everyone in the room.

It is easy to love this new musical project by Aydiee Vaughn and her team. Being a California native this EP has the smooth West Coast  flavor. The song “Set The Bar” can be the theme song for Los Angeles because of the performance level this city dictates. Look for this song to be a big hit across the country. 

The entire collection brings out an assortment of personal feelings we all can identify with. It is an extremely clean project not loaded with sexual innuendos and profanity. 

City Pride Magazine recommends this EP for yourself and for your lover. It is a Five-Star project and Aydiee Vaughn is soon to be a  global musical sensation. You heard it first in City Pride Magazine. We are very proud of this young lady and her new project. You can’t say “City Pride” without saying Aydiee Vaughn.

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