Long Beach Based Band, Phoenyx & Phyre, Make Preparations for Their Upcoming Album Release

For Immediate Release

April 19, 2021

Long Beach, CA – Phorged, the first album by Long Beach based band Phoenyx & Phyre, is being presented at a live event at 7:30pm on Saturday, May 8. The album release party is taking place at B&B Music Studio, located at 260 N Tustin Street in the City of Orange.

Phoenyx Kym, the lead singer and songwriter for the group, has graced the stage at The Mint, and various venues in Long Beach, while honing her craft. She sings with power, confidence, and a respectable hint of raunch. It certainly doesn’t hurt that her band is top notch, and the guest artists stellar. Her songs tread the familiar themes of love and loss, but bring a surprising and thoughtful newness, too.

One song, Sirens, is a haunting exploration of the pandemic’s impact. “When I wrote it,” Phoenyx explained, “it was really late. I was drunk, crying, alone, and terrified. I picked up the guitar and started playing chords. I had no idea what I was doing, but I recorded it, and it all came out in one take.”

The song floats, and one can hear the ebb and flow of grief and anger and sadness. She sings, “Nothing feels right. Everything has changed, a new way of life. My blurry sight can’t see the light. I wanna fight but I don’t wanna die.”

The band features Phoenyx Kym on lead vocals, Scotty Salmon on keyboards, bass is played by Liam Coats, and Lowden Harrell plays drums. Despite being together for less than 2 years, they play like a well-oiled machine, with precision and dynamics that make their music exciting.

The group draws on their creative diversity to craft work that seamlessly blends genres. Harrell explained that “it allowed me to pull from all the different kinds of music I’ve heard. Whether I was playing drums/percussion, singing background vocals or arranging and conducting for the horns, recording the album let me play a different role in the studio every time we went back in for another session.”

In addition to the album release party, Phoenyx and Phyre has gigs booked at Alex’s Bar and Shenanigans in Long Beach, on Thursday, May 6 and Wednesday June 23 respectively. They will also be returning to The Mint in Los Angeles on Saturday June 5.  Twice a month, Phoenyx co-produces Pulsar Jams, a free music event at Los Cerritos Park in Long Beach. Their next one is on May 1, at 6:30pm. Follow @pulsarjams on IG for upcoming events.

Admission to the Phorged release party is free, but attendees are asked to please RSVP to Phoenyxandphyre@gmail.com. To stay in touch with the band, fans follow them on Instagram and Facebook @phoenyxandphyre. They’ve also posted a song from Phorged on bandcamp. https://phoenyxandphyre1.bandcamp.com/, and an early demo of Sirens can be found on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZcox9BUt6Q.

“I’m very proud of this work,” Phoenyx said. “Having written music for the first time in my life, it’s surreal to see this all come to a fantastic fruition with amazing musicians who I’m proud to also call my friends.  It’s been an amazing journey.”

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