LA Crystal Hotel

The Crystal Hotel in Compton is back and open for business. The newly remodeled building is now called the LA Crystal Hotel is offering the perfect hotel experience for local and international travelers who are looking for luxurious comfort, relaxation and convenience.

In past years the Crystal Hotel was known as the favorite place for local events and attractions. The City of Compton held various events such as banquets, meetings, dances, concerts, conventions and many other activities. The Event and Business Opportunity Manager, Helen Mei plans on bringing that back and is looking to work with local community organizations and businesses to use the hotel for their events and partner on community activities that will better the environment.

“We are willing to work with the schools, churches, community organizations and city government on making the community better for the future of the children,” stated Helen Mei. “We are working with the City of Compton to offer rewards for students that display special achievements and excellence in their school. We want to be known for caring about the community.”

Mei is very enthusiastic about her work in this beautiful hotel and she is extremely accommodating in providing unique attractions at the Crystal Hotel. In April the great UniverSoul Circus was held in their parking lot. Thousands were able to enjoy this unique attraction for the first time in Compton. She has also worked with the Compton One Love and they hold an annual Christmas Classic Car show.

Located on the 91 Freeway it is easily accessible to airports and all the major attractions in Southern California, including the beaches, Disneyland, sport arenas and colleges.The Crystal Park Casino Hotel, Compton, was built in 1989, and the residents were excited to have such a luxurious hotel in the area.

The hotel had a major overhaul in 2005 and added additional new rooms and offered 193 rooms. They further added additional floors to accommodate guests and now boasts 9 floors. Today after another total renovation of the entire hotel and casino it is one of the finest hotels in the LA area. Helen Mei is excited about the new Crystal Crab Restaurant that has just opened in the hotel. The place is beautiful and the food is delicious, there is plenty of seating and the service is suburb.

Many residents of Compton, Long Beach, Carson, LA and all the surrounding cities will be happy to know that access to the Crystal Hotel is available. It had become a spot where old friends could meet and new relationships could be developed. This kind of facility is needed to bring people together and share social experiences. Visitors can be comfortable and truly relax knowing that the place offers high-security services, which includes uniformed security officers and well-lit parking areas.

For more information on upcoming events and use of the banquet rooms contact Helen Mei 310-803-4850
or [email protected]