Inner City! Protect Yourself During the Coronavirus Quarantine

by Emon Johnson

It is officially a pandemic; and, for many Americans, its their first time experiencing one.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread quickly, affecting not only people’s physical health, but the mental and social aspects of their lives as well.

With many Americans now out of work until the nationwide quarantine is lifted, the question of how to get food on the table is becoming increasingly ominous.

Searching for ways to make money, travel, socialize, and live normal lives, many Americans are finding comfort in the multitude of government explanations and conspiracy theories available, in wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

A few weeks ago, most people believed if COVID-19 were real, and NOT just some government scare tactic or something just happening in China, then it wouldn’t be much worse than the common cold.

As time progressed, many others, looking for explanations of the increased seriousness from the prevalence of new cases, started drifting towards government-influenced, population shrinking, or a way to monopolize vaccines, as the true reason for the coronavirus.

And hordes of people viewing other hordes of people, rushed into grocery stores and gun stores across the country, avoiding being the only one’s ill-prepared for this movie-scene-like, post-apocalyptic eeriness, that has spread around the globe.

Now, regardless of the comfort they fine in understanding its origin, timing, or true severity, a truth brought by the coronavirus has been established: life can change in an instant.

In lieu of this, here are a number of essential steps and precautions to take to deal with this pandemic both presently and for the future.

Maintain Personal Health

The World Health Organization states five key things to do to help stop the spread of the virus.

1. Wash your hands often

2. Cough into your elbow

3. Avoid touching your face

4. Maintain proper social distance (6ft away)

5. Remain inside as much as possible

Out of Work? Apply For Unemployment

Do this quickly! Procrastinating means less money in your pocket for a longer period of time, and, who knows how many Americans the government will allow to receive unemployment.

According to Employment Development Department of California, to apply for unemployment, there is a list of information and items you need to have which include:

1. Last employer information (name, location, number)

2. Last date worked there and reason for leaving

3. Gross earnings from last week worked

4. Employers information for the last 18 months (Including steps 2-3 for them)

5. Citizenship status

To file for unemployment, visit the EDD’s website.

Looking For Work? Places Hiring Below

In looking for work, checking job board websites like indeed, monster or snagajob should be a no brainer. Still, if you haven’t done so, go do it! If you’re out of work temporarily and looking to get hired anywhere quickly, these are the first places to check.

For more specific listings, here are several companies increasing their hiring during the crisis. Each company listed below has already begun hiring several thousands of employees and are expected to continue to do so.






Pizza Hut





Need Food? Check Out These Organizations

With grocery stores being swept clean of their food; and, for the past week having lines hundreds of people deep to even get into them, staying fed during these times has become a more difficult task.

Here are a list of organizations and websites known for helping people feed themselves.


This website is designed to show several locations of food banks around different areas. Try searching your city and see if any are near you. Any organization you find, make sure to check their hours. Give them a call to be sure.


Using the Find Food link, you can search for local food banks by typing in your zip code. Despite the outbreak, LA Regional Food Bank states they plan to stay focused on delivering food to those in need. Use this site to locate food near you.

In this time of uncertainty, we must diligently plan for ourselves and our loved ones.

Stay up to date with news on the coronavirus by following our blog. Stay safe. Wash your hands.

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