Cheryl Lacy is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lacy Realty, Inc., a residential and commercial real estate firm specializing in residential sales, investment sales, investments, and advisory services.  Ms. Lacy earned her real estate broker’s license in 1992, while teaching for the Pomona Unified School District.  In 2002, she was a key member of a real estate investment group that developed affordable single-family residences in Pomona, California.  Ms. Lacy was also the broker responsible for the marketing and sales of these new homes.  The investment group later developed two additional residential sites in Pomona with Ms. Lacy as investor, sales and marketing director.  She was featured in Homes and Land Magazine and sought after by leading real estate brokerages.

As a retired educator, Ms. Lacy believes strongly in education and training.  As a result, she has earned several designations and certifications in real estate.  Ms. Lacy is a Short-Sale and Foreclosure Resource Specialist, Probate Specialist, First-Time Buyer Specialist, Broker Price Opinion Resource Specialist, and Real Estate Wealth Advisor.  In 2015, Ms. Lacy began training in commercial real estate and earned certification as a National Commercial Real Estate Advisor.  Because Ms. Lacy is passionate about being a resource for her sphere of influence, she is continuing her training in commercial real estate and has also earned certification in property management.  

In 2017, Ms. Lacy realized the wealth gap in the United States was broadening.  The homeownership rate for African Americans was diminishing, so she decided to take action.  Ms. Lacy began coordinating “wealth-building through homeownership” workshops.  Initially, these workshops took place at churches and nonprofit organizations.  In 2018, commercial venues were added.  Because of her passion and desire to close the wealth gap, Ms. Lacy initially focused on first-time buyers.  She sought after down payment resources and was soon featured in Making Home Possible, a magazine sponsored by California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA).  While CalHFA was a critical resource for many of her first-time buyers, Ms. Lacy found other down payment assistance programs to assist her low-to-moderate income clients.  In 2021, Ms. Lacy co-organized a Women & Wealth Networking Group (WWN).  The goal for this platform was to empower women to achieve prosperity through financial education and investment strategies.  As a result of WWN, women learned the science of building wealth and how to protect it.  They were equipped to take control of their financial future.  

Today, Ms. Lacy has formed an investment group to generate more passive income through in-state and out-of-state residential and commercial investments.  For her clients, she provides free consultations to develop step-by-step investment plans.  These plans range from purchasing the first property to building a multi-million dollar net worth.  Ms. Lacy is determined to complete her assignment in closing the wealth gap, so her clients (and investors) can build a lifetime legacy for generations to come.  She is striving to be an agent (broker) of change!

Cheryl Lacy earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an undergraduate degree in accounting.  Because of Ms. Lacy’s passion for business, her goal is to provide financial literacy to 1 million people by 2023.  As a real estate wealth advisor and life coach, part of her educational platform is to create landlords and entrepreneurs, so she can help rebuild communities and give people HOPE.    

Ms. Lacy’s purpose is to help consumers develop a mindset for building wealth, which requires knowledge and understanding.  She stated, “It is my goal to help individuals gain financial freedom through education, so my clients can leave a legacy of wealth to their children’s children.  It’s time to know your rights as Kingdom citizens and positively influence others. The best way of influence is through example.  We must visualize ourselves making positive contributions to society.  I believe you become what you think.  Why not think like a Millionaire?!  If you believe it, I will work hard to help you attain it!”
For more information on the real estate workshops offered or to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation, please email [email protected] or visit her website at to complete the “Contact Me” form.