Congresswoman Maxine Waters at the “United We Stand” Trade Program at TAM Compton

by Charles Jackson Jr

City Pride Magazine attended the “United We Stand” Trade Program and Career Fair at the Compton Airport, presented by the Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC). The goal of the event was to inform people about the jobs and trades available in their community. US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, California State Senator Steve Bradford, and California Assemblyman Mike Gipson joined TNBC, presenting significant information on projects and jobs available with the Teamsters.

 “We just passed a multi-billion dollar infrastructure bill,” Waters states to the audience.” 

“This infrastructure bill has more contracts and more jobs than we ever seen in a long time. But you got to go get the jobs. You got to know how it works. You got to get with the mayors and you got to know the role of the state.”

She continues, “In the past, others that come from outside communities have been getting these job and contract opportunities. But now it is time for us to understand that these jobs are for our community and those that have not had the opportunity to participate effectively in the past can participate now. Billions of dollars for the streets, highways, bridges, water systems, and infrastructure of the United States of America. No one should be without a job or training opportunity. Get these young people and get them to understand where to go to get these jobs and point them in the right direction.”

Several unions and organizations set up booths at Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM), providing information on job opportunities and work culture. 

Jenna Dourrough, Outreach Instructor for the Southwest Mountain States Carpenters Training Fund, Robert Terrell ”Big Dog” from Teamsters National Black Caucus, and Kyle Patterson, Special Representative from Southwest Mountain States Regional Council of Carpenters each spoke on the wide array of carpenter trades available. 

Robert Patton, TNBC and Teamsters Local 848 Media Director shares insights on the United We Stand Trade Program.

“Forty to fifty percent of the goods that come into the country come through our ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles. I am the media director of the Teamsters Local where all these goods come in. We are here today to support all the Teamsters and the trades and are providing information about the many opportunities through TNBC.”

When asked about the event, Robin Petgrave, director and founder of TAM states, “I am all for it.” 

“Anytime people that look like us have an opportunity to do something great, I am all for it. We have been here at the airport for 22 years changing the community one child at a time by training young people in aviation and exposing them to all kinds of new technology and anytime I see liked minded people like the unions that are here today that are exposing young people to new skills like I am with aviation, I am all for it. So when they said we need to use your facility, I said ‘done’. Anytime there is something that the community needs or a way to better itself that is what the facility is for.”

An impactful, Compton residents had the opportunity to join together and build a better future for the community. For more information, contact the Teamster National Black Caucas for more information on upcoming events.