Compton District 1 Councilwoman Deidra Duhart held her Town Hall meeting at the Neighborhood Housing Services office on Friday night, 6-8 pm.

The room was half full and the meeting provided very little information regarding the major concerns of the community, such as park closures, the Dodgers Dreamfield facility, and the new State audit that puts Compton on the bottom of the list for fiscal responsibility.

The City Manager’s office sent Rachel Diamond over who gave a presentation that was simply a distraction from the more important concerns of the community such as the state audit, the Compton Fire Department, and the Dodger Dreamfield disaster.

Rachel presented a long list of excuses for park closures such as staff shortage and public pool maintenance. She bragged about a Public Information contractor that is not doing the job for which the city is paying them and she made many statements that were simply not true.

The Sheriff Department Lieutenant Walker spoke on the street takeovers and talked about the need for more manpower to control the streets of Compton. The Town hall meeting would have been better if held at a better time and publicized more. There was very little community involvement, especially from the 1st District.

There were no Hispanic residents in attendance at all.