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Compton Fire Stations Apparatus Doors Broken

The Compton Fire Department has a crisis right now with its apparatus. They have 4 fire apparatuses out of service right now. Specifically: 3 fire engines and 1 aerial truck.

The city does not have truck coverage right now so CFD will be required to call a neighboring fire department if they need one for an emergency call.In this crisis, Compton’s fire chief was able to secure us 1 fire engine to keep a unit in every district because we did not have any backup fire trucks or fire engines to get into. A loaner truck was received from Downey Fire Department

Concerned citizens should start asking the right questions from the Compton City Council. There is not enough funding immediately available to repair and maintain the fire department and its station or apparatus.

CFD still has 8 apparatus bay doors out of service and now this crisis CFD has new apparatus “ordered” but it won’t be here until next year. What are we doing to keep these trucks from breaking down until then?When will the council realize we need funding and a higher budget?