Black Owned Businesses Meet Outside of Compton’s Grocery Outlet

by Emon Johnson

Eugene Bennett, store owner of Grocery Outlet on Central and Rosecrans, hosted a gathering of local black owned businesses in the store’s parking lot. 

The Compton NAACP, Redhanded Apparel, and Compton’s Black Exchange were all in attendance, passing out and selling items like shirts, sweaters, pamphlets, bags, and more. There were also everal food trucks.

“This is a great city. It has great history and great traditions,” Eugene states when asked how he felt about hosting the event. “For me to come back and work in the city I was born in and be able to give back, it’s just an honor for me.” 

Today’s event marks one of several held at the store. Eugene and associates have also hosted events like Taste of Compton, toy giveaways, and Thanksgiving dinners where they fed over 350 people last November.

Information on the Businesses:

Compton’s Black Exchange 

Compton NAACP

Redhanded Apparel

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