Black History Month Awards Gala Showcases Diamond Singers

The Diamond Singers are one of the top female groups in Southern California. They are a unique mix of old-school and contemporary R&B, Jazz, Spiritual, and Pop music. They are a seasoned group of gorgeous women with all the right spices including harmony, style, grace, and beauty.

They put on a fantastic show and will soon launch their national tour. Peaches, Jeannie, Sassy, and Mia make up the group today. The name “Diamond” was created by leader and founder, April Miller (Peaches) in honor of her mom, and the idea of “Diamond” becoming a group of singers had always been April’s dream.

The Diamond has perfected a superbly entertaining show. They are a group to see and they have done shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Buena Park, Las Vegas, Walnut, Fontana, and Compton just to name a few. They will return to Compton for the Black History Month Lifetime of Excellence Awards Gala at the Crystal Hotel and Casino.

This concert will allow them to showcase their talent and be a part of a great community celebration. They will do a special tribute to Stevie Wonder and cover some of his classic hits. They also do a tribute to the Emotions and other girl groups. They will put on a show that you don’t want to miss. Look for them to be once in a lifetime musical treat.

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